mCheza Kenya Review 2019

Read our review of mCheza Kenya to discover if they are the right online betting site for you. The review will provide information on sporting events and other available betting options as well as details about the registration process, site login, account deposits and more.

Betting Starts After mCheza Login

Customers of mCheza have some options when logging in. Logging in can be done using your website browser or if you are using a phone mCheza login mobile devices may also enter via the available app. Before logging in users must complete the mCheza sign up process. Clicking on the “Register” button will pull up a form for you to complete. Provide your mobile number and a password of your own choosing. Make sure to tick the box indicating you are at least 18 years of age and agree with the sites “Terms and Conditions” and then click “Register”. mCheza does not currently offer a registration bonus. The first time you login after registering you will be prompted to provide some personal information. mCheza respects your privacy and only uses such information to help manage your account.

mCheza Daily Jackpot Bonus

The company’s website doesn’t indicate a current mCheza jackpot. However they do offer a Multibet bonus for betting on 5 or more matches as long as the minimum odds are 1.5. The size of the bonus depends on how many games are wagered on. Betting on 5 – 6 games will get you a 10% bonus, 7 games bet on can earn you a 15% bonus, 8 games is 20%, 9 games bet can win you a 25% bonus while betting 10 games may entitle you to a 30% bonus. Wagering on more than 10 games will bump the bonus up to the maximum of 50%. This multibet mCheza bonus is only available when betting online and not when betting via SMS. To find out how you have done the mCheza jackpot results depends on the outcome of all the games you have wagered on.

Use the mCheza App for Online Betting

With the multitude of sports available to bet on, the different options for each sport, live betting, virtual and casino games, the website for mCheza is quite extensive and unless you have a very good internet connection can be a bit slow. To compensate for this mCheza has made an app available that can be downloaded for free right from their website. Speed can be important and for mCheza live betting events it can definitely be to your advantage to make use of the mobile app. Even if you aren’t concerned with getting your bets down quickly, the app can make for an overall more pleasurable user experience.

Deposit to Your Account Using the mCheza Paybill Number

Whether you are just getting started or have experience using the site, if you want to place a mCheza bet you are going to need money in your account. Here is how to deposit money to your mCheza account using M-PESA. Begin by going to the M-PESA menu and choose “Lipa na M-PESA”. Next select “Paybill” and enter the mCheza Paybill number 295525 as the Business number. Enter the Account name/number as “MCHEZA”. Type in the amount of money you would like to deposit to your account. Make sure all the information is correct, enter your M-PESA PIN and send. In a short time you will receive an SMS confirming that your deposit has been made.

mCheza Jackpot – Today’s Games

There are currently no Jackpot games listed on the mCheza website other than the multibet bonus discussed above. mCheza has offered Jackpot games in the past and may well do so in the future. Clicking on the “Promotions” link located at the top left of the page will provide you with information about current promo bonuses.

Abundance of mCheza Games to Bet On

Perhaps the best feature of mCheza is the large number of sporting events that it is possible to bet on. Football provides the most options but mCheza sport betting includes events such as squash, mixed martial arts and even curling. Customers can also wager on such things as Counter-Strike and League of Legends. With so many options available learning how to play the different games can become confusing. mCheza has an extensive “Help” section that can provide most of the information you might need although the data on sports betting could be organized better. As it currently is all the sports betting information is provided as one long list and users must scroll through searching for the particular sport they want which can be time consuming. The minimum bet on the mCheza site is Ksh 50. The maximum payout is set at Ksh 13,300. The maximum bet allowed varies depending on the odds. If the payout would exceed Ksh13,300 you will be unable to place the bet. If any bonus brings the payout to over Ksh 13,300 then the bonus will not be paid.

mCheza Contacts

Customers may contact mCheza by phone at +254(0)780 229 888 or +254(0)709 229 888. The email contact for mCheza is There is also live chat support available on the site 24/7.


mCheza has an awesome selection of sporting events from all over the world to wager on with live betting an option on many of these events and this is a feature that avid sports fans are likely to enjoy. Some users may be deterred by the low maximum payout, the fact that you can’t cancel a bet once it has been placed and the current lack of bonuses common to many Kenyan betting sites. Ultimately could use some improvement but well worth a visit.