Discover all the information relevant to bettors including information about jackpots, site registration and more when you read this Elitebet Kenya review. Users of online betting sites can learn the information important to them to make the best choice among online betting sites.

Complete Elitebet Kenya Login and Start Betting

Bettors don’t want to waste a lot of time with the login process. Their focus is on placing their bets in a timely fashion, whether it’s for the Elitebet Kenya Jackpot, a single match or one of Elitebet’s virtual games. The login process for Elitebet is fast and easy. Just navigate to the site, click login and enter your mobile number and password to get started.

Participate in the Elitebet Jackpot Bonus

A popular feature offered by Elitebet is the Jackpot Bonus. Users wanting to make Elitebet Jackpot predictions this week can do so through their browser or via SMS. To play you must make game predictions of win, lose or draw from a list of 15 preselected matches. Making all 15 Jackpot predictions correctly will win you the jackpot. Choosing 13 or 14 of the 15 matches correctly will also win consolation prizes. It should be noted that the number of predictions to win the jackpot can be changed at the discretion of Elitebet. The cost to participate is only Ksh 50. There are also some promotions users may be interested in. The Midweek Multibet Refund is a promo for customers who make a multibet of 5 games or more between Monday and Friday. Should the bettor miss by one prediction they will get their bet back as long as all games selected have minimum odds of 1.50. The Multibet Bonus Boost is a promo that pays 10% or more extra if you bet 5 or more games.

Elitebet Paybill Number to Manage Deposits

Like most online betting companies Kenya offers, Elitebet allows you to deposit to your account using M-PESA. For those new to online betting here is how to send money to Elitebet. First go to the M-PESA menu and select “Lipa na M-PESA”. Next select “Paybill” and enter the business no. The business no. is the Elitebet Paybill no. which is 850700. Then you will need to enter the account no. which is “elitebet”. After this type in the amount you wish to deposit. Check that all the information you provided is correct then enter your M-PESA PIN number. An SMS will be sent to you confirming your deposit. Elitebet also offers the option to deposit to your account using Airtel Money. The Paybill number will be the same.

Find Elitebet Matches for Betting

To find out what matches are available to bet on you need only go to Elitebet’s website. There you will be able to find upcoming events to wager on in three sports. Football is far and away the most popular sport to bet on but Elitebet also allows wagering on basketball and tennis. There are also other Elitebet games to bet on. Virtual games have become popular in Kenya and Elitebet offers virtual football as well as racing. In addition there is Keno and “Spin and Win” for users to bet on.

Information about the Elitebet App

Elitebet is lagging behind some of the other online betting sites when it comes to an app. There is currently not an official app download for Elitebet Kenya. However Elitebet has recently offered an app is some other countries and it is expected that it won’t be long until it is available in Kenya as well. To offset the inconvenience of not having an app Elitebet compensates by providing a light menu option that is faster and easier to navigate than the full site. Many users may prefer this option, especially those on mobile devices. Virtual games, Keno and “Spin and Win” don’t appear to be an option on the light menu.

Elitebet Games Today

Bettors can find out what matches are available to bet on today directly from the website in the “Today’s Games” section on the light menu or the “Live” section on the regular site. Live betting that enables users to bet during the course of a game is quite a popular feature and Elitebet results of matches can be viewed on the site as they happen.

Easy Elitebet Registration Process

Registration to Elitebet is relatively easy. Navigate to the Elitebet website and click on the “Register” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You will be presented with a registration form. On the form you will be required to enter your mobile phone number two times and to check the box indicating you have read the Elitebet “Terms and Conditions”. Click on register. However you aren’t quite finished yet. The next step requires you deposit money to your Elitebet account. Upon making your first deposit you will be sent a PIN number. This number will function as your password when you login to Elitebet. Now you are ready to begin betting.


Elitebet has fewer betting options than many other online betting sites. For some this may be a drawback while others may appreciate the focus on football. Not having an app is a bit of a disadvantage but there is one in the works and the light menu version of the site works quite well. Elitebet has added basketball and tennis to the sports available to bet on and has also added live betting which wasn’t an option in the past. All indications are that Elitebet has been working diligently on improving their customer’s online betting experience and they are an option well worth considering.