Betpawa Kenya: Jackpot, App, Registration

Learn why Betpawa Kenya is one of Kenya’s more popular betting sites that keeps people coming back, despite lacking the flashier style and wider range of options of many of its competitors. Rather than a fancy Betpower Kenya website with dozens of sports, Betpawa focuses on five sports and a handful of casino games.

Betpawa Kenya Login is Simple

The procedure for Betpawa login is quite easy and the same for any device. First you’re your web browser and type in When the Betpawa Kenya page appears click on login. Entering your number and password will take you to your account. You will need to be logged in to place a bet, check your account statement or to request a withdrawal.

Bet on Betpawa Jackpot Games

There are two jackpot games available with Betpawa Kenya. The first is the emPawa17 Africa Jackpot pool which is played on weekends. To win the jackpot you must correctly predict the outcome of seventeen pre-selected football matches. Doing so will earn you Ksh 20,000,000. Cash prizes are also available for correctly picking sixteen, fifteen, fourteen and thirteen outcomes.  Another jackpot game is the emPawa13 Africa Jackpot pool which is played mid-week. Predicting the outcome of 13 pre-selected games correctly will in this case provide a payout of Ksh 1,000,000. Correctly predicting twelve, eleven or ten outcomes will also pay cash.

How to Complete Betpawa Registration

The registration process for Betpawa might be one of the easiest among betting sites in Kenya. To begin open your web browser and type in After the Betpawa (people also ask for “Betpower Kenya” page opens click on “Join Now”. Enter your number and a password you have selected. The password should be at least 6 characters or more. That’s all there is to it and your account is now activated.

A Betpawa App Download Is Not Necessary

Wagering on the Betpawa Kenya site doesn’t require a special app download. All betting is done directly from your devices web browser. Some people may consider this a drawback but many others prefer the simplicity. Whether you are placing a bet, checking your bets and account statements or requesting a withdrawal from your account all actions begin the same. First a customer will login to their account using their web browser and proceeding to the Betpawa page.

After logging in to their account, to place a bet the user should select a sports option from the menu provided. The user can then navigate to the country or league of their choice using the menu or use the search function to find a specific team. A nice function provided by Betpawa is the ability to find the most popular bets by clicking on, what else, “Popular Bets”. Live betting is another option offered by Betpawa and it is one of their best features. It is clean and fast enabling customers to get bets down fast which is essential in live betting. Clicking on “Live Now” at the top of the Sports menu will display current in play games. It should be noted that Betpawa sets the bar quite low to get started betting. They accept bets as low as Ksh1.

To check your bets or account statement login to your account. Then click on the “Menu” button located at the top right of the screen. From the options presented click “My Bets” and a page will appear displaying “Open Bets” and “Settle Bets”. If you would like to see every account transaction you have made to include bets, payouts, deposits and withdrawals click on “Statement” for a complete rundown of your account activity.

Betpawa Paybill Number to Deposit to Your Account

There are two methods available for you to deposit money to your Betpawa Kenya account. One way is to deposit to your Betpawa account using M-PESA. First go to the M-PESA menu on your phone. From the menu select “Lipa na M-PESA” and then choose “Pay Bill”. Enter 290020 as the Business Number and for “Account Number” enter “PAWA”. Next enter the amount you wish to deposit without using commas. For example enter 1000 and not 1,000. Next enter your M-PESA pin and verify that all the information you provided is correct. Finally click OK and wait for a SMS confirming your transaction.

The second method you may use to deposit money to your Betpawa account is using Airtel Money. Begin by going to the Airtel Money menu on your phone and select “Make Payments”. Next select “PayBill” followed by “Others”. For the Business Name type in “Jambopay”. Enter the amount you wish to deposit without using any commas. After verifying that you have entered the correct amount, enter your PIN. Finally enter PAWA as the transaction reference. You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction.

Betpawa Contacts

There are numerous ways for customers to contact Betpawa Kenya should they need to. As with most sites they can be contacted by through email. Their email address is To contact them by phone users can leave their number on the Help page in the space provided in order to receive a call. If that isn’t enough you can also connect with Betpawa via their Whatsapp number which is 0707 097 883. Betpawa can also be found on Facebook at the address  Betpawa also has a Twitter presence, If all else fails you can contact Betpawa via “snail mail” or visit them in person. Their address can be found on their “Help” page. The office hours of Betpawa are listed as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so contacting them should never be an issue.

📌 How to register Betpawa?

To register to the Betpawa website start by clicking the “Join Now” button located on the right side of the page. Enter your phone number and choose a password. Your phone number acts as your user name. Submit this information and you are registered.

📌 How to deposit on Betpawa?

Users of Betpawa can deposit to their account using either M-PESA or Airtel. For M-PESA users the Paybill number is 290020 and the Account number is “PAWA”. Airtel Money depositors should enter “Jambopay” as the Business name. Confirmation of deposits made using either method will be sent via SMS.

📌 How to withdraw money from Betpawa?

It is a simple process to cash out your winnings from Betpawa. Go to your account and select “Withdraw” from the menu. Choose either MTN or “Withdraw to Voucher”. Provide your first and last name, location and amount to be withdrawn and click “Request Withdraw” to have your money transferred.

📌 How to cancel a bet in Betpawa?

At Betpawa once a bet has been made and confirmed it cannot be cancelled for any reason. As long as you have not actually confirmed the wager no bet has actually been made and you have the choice not to confirm. Once confirmed you are committed to the bet.

📌 How to recover Betpawa password?

If you have forgotten your password you can recover it by going to the Betpawa “Password reset” page. Enter your account phone number and request a new password. Confirm the password with a PIN that will be sent to you via SMS.

📌 Ηow to download the Betpawa app?

There are no mobile apps for Betpawa Kenya available for download. However the site itself is mobile optimized and operates quite well on smart phones as well as with laptops and devices. With the sites mobile optimization an app isn’t really necessary for betting on the site.

📌 How to delete Betpawa account?

To delete your Betpawa account first log in to your account. Next go to the “Settings” tab. From the options available choose “Delete Account” and click on it. There will be a list of reasons provided for why you are deleting your account. Select a reason and you are finished.